Depending on the sales channels
Lavorwash presents various brands

Recognisable by their different colours and each with a specific range of products..

Choosing a professional product implies a careful choice of efficacy, reliability, safety and ease of use. These are the criteria followed by Lavor PRO in the conception of its professional range,.

resulting in highly technological products for a perfect blend of hygiene and cleaning power with significant savings in time and energy.

Our newest products

R&D Innovation

The Lavorwash product range is wide and comprehensive, guaranteeing effective cleaning in every kind of situation, indoor or outdoor, domestic or commercial.

All products undergo constant improvement thanks to the company's commitment to Design and Research & Develoment, which draws on know-how gained over almost forty years of operation, and considers the aesthetic aspect as well as ergonomics.

Lavorwash products are simple and practical to use, effective and supremely attractive in design.


To give you the change to find the most appropriate company contact, Lavorwash gives you the change to request information and to be promptly contacted for any necessity, just filling in the web form.

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